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Phoenix is located on the upper edge of the Sonoran Desert in the south-central portion of Arizona.

Phoenix, like its namesake, arose from the ashes of an ancient Indian civilization.  Modern Phoenix was built over the ruins of an advanced prehistoric civilization we call the Hohokam who arrived around 300 A.D.  They built 135 miles of irrigation canals which fed their crops and villages with water from the Salt River.  The Hohokam flourished as farmers for centuries, then mysteriously vanished.  The accepted theory is that their settlement was destroyed by a long drought.

It all began in 1867 when a roughneck Indian fighter talked some friends into helping him dig a ditch.  The founder of Phoenix was Jack Swilling, a controversial hot-tempered redhead from South Carolina who came to Arizona in 1858.  He was a mail contractor whose travels took him through the Salt River Valley in 1866.  He observed many Indian ruins in the area that were miles from the river.  He realized the long parallel mounds leading from the river to the ruins were remnants of an extensive canal system.  By the spring of 1868, nearly 1,000 acres were in cultivation because of the dam and canals built by the Swilling Ditch Company, the first irrigation ditch company in Phoenix.


Phoenix remained a small farming community until the 1930’s when tourism began to flourish due to the warm climate and healthy environment.  Today, Phoenix has become the 7th largest city in the United States.

The Territorial Capital of Arizona was not always in Phoenix; it was moved to Phoenix in 1889 from Prescott.

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